Lack of Libido w/ Lyme


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My partner and I have been struggling with a new found lack of libido. I started Bicillin injections a few months ago, which has been helping my symptoms, but crushing my sex life due to hip muscle pain (at injection site) and a lack of libido. My partner is very much so struggling with this abrupt change in our relationship, as have I. I've been attempting to be insanely up front with how I'm feeling and telling him specifically when we can be intimate (to leave little room for ambiguity), but this does not seem to be enough for him. Anyone dealing with/or have dealt with similar situations?

Chromic Lyme, babesiosis, bartonella, infected 2013, diagnosed 2016

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The last time I had a partner, I was getting hormonal problems where I would get much sicker after an orgasm or even arousal. It was mainly bad for two weeks around my menses, so there were still two weeks where I was ok. My partner was not respectful at all, and we ended up breaking up. Frankly, I think that the psychosocial is a component of any immune illness, and I'm glad to be single until I find someone with basic respect.

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