Do I have Lyme? Lots of symptoms & desperate for answers


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Hello everyone I desperately need your help. For starters I was sexually active with a Lyme positive man (unprotected oral sex). The day after one of our encounters I noticed a rash on my forehead. I also have gum soreness and was extremely dizzy and disoriented. The next few days I began to get more and more dizzy. I went to Immediate Care in which they said I had a UTI and gave me a weeks worth of Bactrim. After a few days on the Bactrim my symptoms got even worse. I was terribly dizzy, had horrible shoulder pain that went down my arm and caused numbness and sudden high blood pressure. I went back to the doctors, got a blood test for Lyme with cane back negative. Since then I’ve been searching for answers. My blood pressure is very high. I was healthy active 34 year old. My doctor put me on a beta blocker but it does not seem to help. My lingering symptoms are the high blood pressure, bubbles in urine, pain in arm and shoulder, poor sleep and fatigue. I’m so scared and lost. Please let me know if this is possible Lyme or possible coinfection.


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My Lyme test came back negative also and the doctor saiid it must be something else but was no help.

It's as if you need to tell them what it might be and they'll order a test for it.