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I have not been diagnosed but have so many of the symptoms. I’ve been tested 3 times all with neg replies. The following are my symptoms: hair loss,headache, I had a head cat scan which showed white matter lesions,stiff &painful neck, hoarseness, buzzing in ears, nausea, loss of appetite,stiffness in joints with muscle pain and cramps, shin splints and neuropathy in soles. These symptoms have waxed and waned over 6 -9 years.
Scheduled to see a neurologist next week hope he can help.
There are no LL.doctors in this area.
Please help me to determine if this is Lyme.
Thank you


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It sounds like it. Have you tried writing various Lyme doctors to see if they will skype of other video platforms with you? Some may because they know its hard to travel.
Try some of the protocols as well. But Skype with or at least email a various Lyme doctors until one is able to help you and give you some direction.

I was so desperate I began researching how to cure myself. I bought fish antibiotics and figured out how to get them from India. But that's a dangerous game.

Yes, you could have Lyme. There are at least 100 different spirochetes that can create sickness and they only test for one strain. No its not all in your head. Look at hysteria's history. It still exists.

I recommend the book "Cure Unknown." A book with a lot of references and history by a reporter and her family also looking at other families and the history behind the tests, their failures and the politics and science behind it all.
I wish you a lot of luck and love.

Getting to know the system will teach you its loopholes. Doctors are people. Some just follow protocol. Some can see whats really going on.
Im here if you need or have any other questions or just need an ear.