Diagnosed with Lyme after months, still afraid of ALS


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My neurologist ordered my bloods and the Mayo Clinic resulted my Western Blot as positive for Lyme on the first of this month.

IgG Bands: p66, p41, p39, p28, and p23.

IgM Bands: p41, p39

I have been having some terrifying symptoms, and even after having a normal EMG on 8/1, I'm not convinced I don't have ALS.

I started doxy the following day. At first I found some relief with my constant muscle twitching all over. Now the twitching and numbness seems to be worse, and I'm also having some swallowing difficulty.

The bottom of my left foot twitches all day and night.

I want to sleep all the time. I am confused and forgetful.

The most recent EMG (I had another normal one in late April), the doc noted the twitching on the bottom of the foot, but returned a "normal" EMG result to me and my neurologist. He did my left foot, leg, arm, and a few hits on the spine. The left side has been my worst side, though my right bicep, bottom of foot etc have gotten in on the act too.

I want to be convinced I'm going to make it, but I think things are pretty bleak.