variant of B-3 vitamin, nicotinamide riboside

Jeff G.

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What follows is my post on a site regarding Lyme disease. Interestingly, the post previous to mine referred to brain fog and neuropathy. BTW: My posts are fully truthful. "I have benefitted from taking the B-3 variant, nicotinamide riboside (NR). In a discussion with someone who had suffered from neuropathy from Lyme disease, I was not surprised by how she benefitted. She got the disease in Oregon, but is from near Nice, France. Her doctor there recommended NR. She said as long as she takes 600 mg per day that she is pain free, but had been almost unable to walk due to the pain before. NR is being studied regarding neuropathy associated with chemo-therapy, and I know someone in that category who is also benefitting from taking it. See, and search neuropathy and nicotinamide riboside. For an over-view of the subject of NR and the co-enzyme NAD, see, and"

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