Positive IgM band and treated many times previously


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Hi All,
I have had my first bout with Lyme in the summer of 2007 while visiting our upstate NY place in the mountains. I was treated and then got it again from other bites in the following years. All in all I got it three times that I saw the bite and then several more times which were recurrences of a previous infection not completely eradicated. But usually IgG results with symptoms of pain and fatigue.
I have also gotten Babesia 2 years back and been treated.
I've been feeling tired and achy so had another Lyme with Western Blot blood test done last week and IgM 41 came back positve as well as band 58 and band 23 undetermined. The strange thing is that a month earlier I had an IgM test done and it was negative.
This positive result comes even after having had to take Amoxicillin for a nose surgery for ten days in July.
For years I usually have a positive IgG after being treated but never a positive IgM especially if I have not been upstate yet and not outdoors much and in no tick populated areas.:shock:
The doctor wants to treat me again with either injections for seven days or 20 days on Doxycycline. I feel I should get retested first to be sure it is not a false positive before taking so much antibiotics. I've taken so many since 2007,
Thanks for any insight you can share regarding this.