Lyme or something else


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For about 2 years I have been experiencing mild to extreme pain in my ribs and mid back. At its worst it comes in waves lasting 2-4 hours. Pain often present with upset stomach heart burn pain along diaphragm. I sometimes feel pain or pressure under my chin. This is a very brief summary of symptoms. The pain is daily as described about in mild to moderate levels. About every 2 months it comes as an “attack” and is very severe.

I’ve seen neuro muscular, cardiologist, gi,Rhuematology , physical therapy, chiropractor. Not much help or answers. I did test positive for Lyme last summer(had been having symptoms for a year or so). I’m a land surveyor so I’m exposed to ticks almost daily. Probably pulled at least 50 deer ticks off me in last 20 years. So maybe I’ve had Lyme for years? I also have genetic marker for ankylosung spondylitis. Also starting April 2020 starting having respir issues. They say it’s asthma? I’ve had almost test and scan there is. No answers. Is it possible this is Lyme?

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