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Since we don't know how ALS starts, could it be possible it all begins with Lyme or coinfection? Could these pathogens be the cause of all autoimmune diseases?
interesting articles in the Baltimore Sun about this

Baltimore sun paper
under health then als search


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I wanted to add a little to this convo about ticks and Lyme's Disease. My doctor told me that it really doesnt matter how you remove it because it can infect you at any point during implantation of your skin. However, the tick that infected me I removed it with tweezers by pinching my skin up and almost ripping some of my skin off to make sure I got the head with it but alas, I was infected anyway with the head still intact. Years later I get mononeuritis multiplex as secondary to an untreated Lyme infection that was still active after 6 years. So who knows...I just know my symptoms mimicked ALS very closely and with all the degeneration on EMG as well. Strangely there was a girl being treated at the same time as me that had ALS diagnosis for 2 years and was in a wheelchair and could not hold her head up on her own then 6 months later I went back to get my test for cure and the ladies told me that she had made a quick recovery and was now walking again.

This stuff is all so strange but the connection is something I am going to investigate further when I get into my Phd program. I wish I knew more people that are diagnosed legitimately with lyme that were or eventually diagnosed with ALS.


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My sister was tested for lymes 2years ago. She tested negative. There are a few tests to double check it with. She was tested for everything else you can imagine. Her tongue was waving like a tidal wave. Her shoulder was too. Now, she can barely speak, and swallow, and walk. She fell off a horse and a few months later started having symptoms. I'm so sad beyond belief. My heart is breaking. I sleep, sit, think, my sister non-stop day and night. I can't stop thinking of how to cure her. I found a guy named Don margolis that is a politician that says USA hides things medically. I can't find any bad things about him so far. He believes in stem cell treatment, and has backed up stem cell research because america medicine makes more money in drugs. If you want to look him up, type in his name. I know I'm drawing straws out of a hat, but it's my baby sister. She's 53 years old, and I wanted to grow old with her. I'm praying ferently for her.


Don't waste your money on fraud stem cell treatments, there's another post here with the 60 Minutes expose on a few... I'm the same age as your sister, and want to die of old age as well.

Honestly do you really think that stem cell treatment isn't being done here because it doesn't make as much money as a drug? There are NO drugs! They'd make a whole lot more money if they found the treatment with stem cells. That just doesn't make sense.


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Peggys sister, go the the Research News section on the forums to find the link for the 60 minute expose on stem cell fraud.
There is a current stem cell study being conducted at Emory in Atlanta, GA. It's still in the safety stage.


I'd like to add that the trial at Emory is the ONLY FDA APPROVED TRIAL- ANYWHERE.
Lots of these "other" Docs that claim to do safe stem cell trials, also make the patient pay for it.
Its a trial...not a treatment. You do NOT have to pay for that.


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This thread caught my attention quickly[....too late for our dear Ed who passed in December,however the topic was raised...and ignored...and it seemed way too late into his illness.
I pray there will be more research....seems very minimal here in Australia....after all ,research is the only way to find what we are all looking for......a way to stop this combination of nerological diseases and the sadness and loss of many much loved sufferers....
Keep on asking questions people....if we are on the wrong track eventually we will get on the correct one.
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