View Full Version : Update: some answers, DXed Lyme, still fear ALS

08-11-2008, 08:58 AM
I am updating an earlier thread that I posted to:


I visited a neuro and she performed a strength test on me after telling me that reading my blood tests I didn't have any elevations consistent with someone with ALS or NMD (a good sign). I didn't fasiculate once during her EMG when she was watching for it, but my EMG was quiet she said that someone with ALS would have had louder sounds with the needle in the muscle. Since my left side was bothering me, it was the only side she tested.

My strength was very good she said. My reflexes were very good. My muscle firing times all were within the normal range. She said it was a clean EMG and ruled out not just ALS but all Neuro disease and told me to rest assured.

The problems I been having (aching in left left, left foot arch cramping and fascs) continued. I ALSO noticed that the past few months my voice has been cracking like a boy in puberty (I am 25) for no aparent reason. I do not have difficulty swallowing or anything like that.

My worries continued as I said and I urged my GP to test for Lyme after reading some about it. I sure enough, was positive for Lyme and have had the infection anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. I was put on doxycycline what will be 2 weeks ago this monday. Initially I felt better--the muscle pain subsided for the most part as did the cramping in my foot and the cough I'd developed, but currently (the past 3 or 4 days) I have been feeling very sick again. I have done some research and i have found that a Herxheimer reaction could be the culprit. A 'Herx' is a result of the toxins being killed off in the body. More concerning to me are the following things that have me once again obsessing over ALS and fearing it is underlying as a cause:

--Some people I have read believe ALS and Lymes have a correlation and that if you have Lyme disease it can trigger ALS or go hand-in-hand with it. Basically it is no good that I have Lyme disease in regards to my fears of ALS.

--My voice has been cracking for the past 3 months at random for no aparent reason at all.

--The foot arch cramping and left sided pain in the arm and leg have returned, also some hand cramping. This is all focused in the left side. I mentioned this to my GP yesterday and he said 'well if it was being caused by the lymes it would be symmetrical, both sides would be cramping or both sides of joints would be bothering you.' This got me worrying again and I asked him about ALS, and he said that shouldn't be a concern based not only on my young age but he also said 'that is why you've had an EMG, to rule it out'.

I guess that these pains could have returned because of a herx reaction to the antibiotics working on the illness. But I am scared that I have ALS now because I have Lyme Disease. Just looking for anyone's thoughts on this.