Lymes In UK


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Hi All,

I got a bite while in menorca in june. I started to get a few spots on my hands and this spread to my arms. I visited the doctors where I was told it is prickly heat and to use this cream. Week later I started to feel I’ll so returned to the doctors where they still said it was a allergy to the sun. Another week went past and after searching the Internet I asked for blood test that came back positive but negative for chronic strain. I took 4 weeks of doxycycline and returned to hospital for further tests that have come back clear.

All symptoms of joint pain ect have gone but still have a rash on my arms/hands/chest/neck and face. I have been advised that it’s the infection leaving my body but I don’t understand why it would still be spreading. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

It seems all the medical have given up and have even gone private and all I get told is it shouldn’t get worse and should clear