In short Lyme has ruined my life.


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Thought I would post this as a topic for others to read and perhaps get some assurance that they are not alone in their suffering with Lyme. Unfortunately as so many of us know Lyme disease is treated by many medical professionals as a fake disease. Well I for one disagree with this on just about every level. Then on the flip side you have "quacks" that are trying to do nothing more than extort money from you by miracle cures and treatments. I think it is obvious to most that have late stage Lyme that there is not some fix all, and that holding on to an electrode while counting backwards and crossing your legs isn't going to somehow reverse the damage done by Lyme. I have been living with I now for over 3 years, my condition has not really improved much over that time, just new symptoms, new issues, new pain and swelling and overall poor health. I have arrived now at the threshold of having surgeries to help correct some of the damage cause by Lyme, and honestly it is really difficult to continue. I have a very strong constitution, and desire to succeed in everything in life, but still have always maintained the understanding that not everything is 100% achievable or attainable sometimes. But Lyme has really killed that side of me, the constant pain is exhausting, the bills, the agony and doubts, it just goes on and on. If anyone wants to vent feel free, at this point I think it is all a lot of us have left.

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