Hola, ID doc appt today So disappointed.


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Suffer from fatigue since 2014. Had chills couldn't get warm.

Hx after that of bladder pain, Gerd, dysphagia, emotional labiility, anxiety, fatigue, etc.

Pushed past, diet, juicing, exercise, supplements. Able to function.

Still not 100% all these years.

Blood all good. Some odd highs and lows

Rheumy, Endo... All good. Low D.

Had facet inj. 7/20/18

One week later. Throbbing/pressure not too much pain headache/neck.

30 days pass. 2 ER visits. CT MRI

Symptoms, night sweats(every night)
Brain fog, crackling popping in back, neck, elbow, knee. Heart palpitations, short of breath, Extreme Fatigue. Anxiety, Insomnia, hot skin.

So, I was afraid of this, ID doc "it's Chronic Fatigue/Anxiety". And this gem,
"If i had Co-infection I'd be hospitalized"

Sooooo typical, ugh.

Next step Oncologist, could be lymphoma.

I may go through other labs if I have the focus(lol) and funds(lol)

Fry labs/Igenex. ?

Sooooo mad!