Experiencing my Mom's initial symptoms

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I am now experiencing all of these Lyme related symptoms with the exception of breathing, talking, and swallowing difficulties.

In the area where my Mom, and now I live, where I grew up, there were 6 people diagnosed and passed from neuron diseases within 4 years. This is also a hot bed area for Lyme's disease, since the 1800's when it was called Logger's Disease. My Uncle passed from Lymes in 1988. My mom had an embedded tic in her leg, that she cut our herself, and sewed her leg up, due to a lack of health insurance. She never had a Lyme's test.

I have an annual Lyme's test from the quack clinic here, which is the only one my insurance covers. All have come back negative.

I live alone, have one child, who lives 3 hours away. She has her own life, and I do not want to bother her with this. Only a couple of trusted friends, who also have lives, and limited time for me.

My insurance has a huge deductable, then co-pays and only covers the quack hospital and clinic.

After my mom passed I was in communication with the ALS Association. They told me that less than 1% of those with ALS experienced the same symptoms as my mom did.

I am at a loss right now, but knew I needed to do something. Cannot afford the $10,000.00 it would take for testing from a reputable clinic about 3 hours from me. I have quit my job, with my daughters blessing and looking for property near where she lives. My property is worth a lot of money, and will give me some security. My daughter and I also have horses and other animals on my farm here. Everyone will be moved closer to her.

In addition to symptoms, I suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, due to a furnace installed in a new house, that was under recall at the time it was installed. The quack clinic never tested me for carbon monoxide poisoning. I got off easy, as my fiance passed away in 2014, from the long term effects of the poisoning. I only suffered brain damage. I also have a permanent foot injury, which forces me to use a cane. That occurred while I was volunteering for a local Veterans organization. For me to get the necessary surgery would bankrupt them, so I suffer with the cane and pain.

If anyone out there could provide some input I would appreciate it.
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