Daughter has fever, should we start antibiotics?


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My kids and I were in a Lyme endemic area 4 weeks ago. I was vigilant about checking my children for ticks and avoiding long grasses/bushes. Yesterday, my daughter came home in the evening with a low fever (37.5). She's feeling tired and seems a bit congested. She went to bed and woke up this morning with a higher fever (38.3). She's tired, and I can't quite tell if she's got a stuffed nose. She's sniffling a bit.

At any rate, yesterday was 29 days since we had been in a nature reserve in that Lyme endemic area. We avoided the grasses/bushes, the kids were mostly in the lake, and when we got back to our cottage, I checked the kids over and gave them showers. We left the area the next day at noon, and had mostly been indoors (30 days prior).

When we got home, I checked my kids again and gave them a shower. The next day, I noticed they had lice, so I spent a good deal of time inspecting and combing out their hair that day and 2 days after that. Since then, they have been to the zoo two weeks ago, which is near a large park that has ticks, but they were mostly on paved surfaces at the zoo, so I never checked them after their visit.

My question is whether I should treat my daughter's fever as possible Lyme. I can take her to the doctor today and get a course of antibiotics. I just don't want to give her the antibiotics if I don't need to. When I gave them to my older daughter a few years ago after she had a bite, it stained her teeth yellow.


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Hello. I'm sorry to hear that your daughter was biten by a insect. It is widely known that some kind of insects can cause Lyme disease. I hope you can do a Lyme test for your daughter. When I was a Lyme patient.