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Welcome to the premiere Lyme disease forum for people affected by Lyme disease.

Our Lyme disease forum is a volunteer-driven support site provided free of charge to help anyone directly or indirectly affected by Lyme disease and other Tick-borne ailments.  Our Lyme forum was created for individuals like yourself - people impacted by the debilitating effects of long-term and short-term Lyme infection.

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Our forum consists of individuals working together to provide Lyme help, exchange information, provide moral support, share information and helpful tips. Together we learn to cope with Lyme, make friends, and help one another live healthier and happier lives in spite of Lyme.

We encourage you to join our Lyme forum to ask questions, get help treating Lyme, and to share your remedies, experiences, trials and tribulations.  Remember, you're not alone, in our support group people chat about their journey with Lyme disease.  People affected in the same way as you, dealing with the same problems and issues as you.

Together we provide hope, information, support and friendship to people affected by Lyme and sufferers chronic disease. 

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We would like to thank our original inspiration for this online support group which was brought about by the success of ALSforums and Fibromyalgia Forums. The support group began in 2006 and has serviced over twenty-five thousand people in the past decade.