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04-21-2018, 02:42 PM
Hello! I seem to be dealing with a second acute lyme infection and so far was only cefuroxime to treat it. I am not sure it is strong enough, since I still have symptoms, but mild. They sort of wax and wane.

I was bitten by a tick last year and came down with a short but intense fever. The bite was a bit red, with a slight rash, but never looked typical so I was not treated. The three months after I was suffering from fatigue, general malaise, inflamed knee joints (I could not walk), and a constant sore throat and stuffy nose with stinky residue and constant headaches.

3 months after the bite, I came down with another infection, this time stronger. It started with a stiff neck and worsening headaches. Then a fever and blurry vision, nit being able to comprehend or do much. I was turned down by doctors and out of desperation took antibiotics. They did help, but were not strong enough to keep it away fully between uses. Also after 3 weeks when I quit antibiotics the problems returned.

I got a lumbar puncture to test for meningitis and ended up bedridden for 6 months, as a chronic spinal leaker. I am nowhere near healed but I can walk a bit without much of a spinal headache. This is huge progress for me, I was unable to leave the couch until December.

I was bitten by 2 ticks this time. The first bite I thought to be a mosquito bite until it developed a rash. The other bite where I actively removed a tick is now 9 days old. 3 days after that..and possibly one week after the first bite, I came down with the same symptoms as last year, but also the stronger version.

I took the same antibiotics again on my own because no one wanted to help. I am quite used to that as I have never received help for problems that later turned out to be life threatening. Either way, the rash disappeared within hours as well as the symptoms.

Tests were just done, so the diagnosis is not confirmed, but symptom and situation wise it would most likely be lyme. Even my doctor admit it all fits 100%.

Last year, it took me several months to get rid of the symptoms. They were milder after antibiotics so I continued with grapefruitseedextract.
What is a bit untypical maybe is the white blisters in my throat, but I read lymes can cause a sore throat?

I read good things about Ledum, so I am thinking about using it after antibiotics because I can not handle them for long (I am very skinny and lose weight at the speed of light)

Generally I would be in really good health. Just a case of malpractice...😕

If you have any advice I would be very grateful. I have no idea where to turn to with our medical system being so horrible. I have two small children who suffered a lot with my spinal leak problem and I need to be able to be there for them finally. My husband had to quit his job to become my caretaker. We are very ready for normality to be restored and it finally seemed within reach.


05-18-2018, 02:30 AM
Very interesting, is this from the backwoods of Germany? I'm curious if tick populations might be on the rise in Germany too like they are here in Canada.

I do know that first symptoms often include flu-like symptoms; sore throat, headaches, congestion, stiffness, etc. Doctors very often mistake these symptoms for a common cold or flu and send you on your way. That's often the initial trouble with Lyme, it masquerading as something less serious. In turn, it leaves the patient untreated for longer period of times.

Are you doing any better Tia or are the symptoms persisting?