View Full Version : Is this Lyme disease? Trying to understand test results and symptoms

03-04-2018, 05:11 PM
Hi everyone,

Iím hopeful to find some help here as Iím not sure what to do. Iíve been having weird symptoms for over 4 months. Symptoms Include the following (in order)
- upper lip began twitching
- pain along the back of my left leg from my glute to my foot
- dizziness, vertigo and hearing loss in one ear
- random muscle twitching widespread - mostly in calves
- swelling and numbness in tongue
- numbness feeling in face

Iíve been to many docs, including my neuro multiple times. He advised he doesnít think itís nuerological because I dont have any weakness, besides the muscle twitching. He did an EMG which was normal.

All of the above symptoms remain now, besides the vertigo. I recently went to a Lyme literate doc locally who did a bunch of blood work. I had Previously had a negative Lyme test done by my primary doc through Lab Corp.

The three Lyme tests were done by Lab Corp, IgeneX and Medical Diagnostics Lab. The Medical Diagnostic results showed IgM positive on bands 39 and 41. And IgG band positive on 34 only. Although other bands showed some reaction including 23 and 41. IgeneX showed some reactions but not a positive result. And Lab Corp was negative. My local Lyme doc said I do have Lyme and prescribed antibiotics.

Is this Lyme considering Iíve had these symptoms for so long? I really need some help with this as I dont know what else it could be. Any thoughts or guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!