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11-06-2017, 06:36 PM
Back in 2007 I had a the 39 KD (IGM) band show as reactive. Nothing was said or done, since that time my health has went dramatically down hill, and just last month I had another test that shows IgG P41 Ab. present and IgM P41 Ab. Present. Seeing that made me think back to the 39 kd reactive, and then I saw a recent lyme video that says chronic lyme will eventually just show P41. I have zero faith in doctors after so many years - diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009, my youngest son was diagnosed with EDS, POTS, and so on. I cant even find a Fibromyalgia doctor locally still this many years later (self managed since 2011 - when I gave up doctoring to death), and with my sons diagnosis its been years too. I was wonder how you find a doctor that has any clue, or even cares? 39 KD long ago, but 41 now and 39 absent? Tested between those...always different tests. All I know is I feel like crap for over a decade and its not getting better.:?:

07-22-2018, 08:18 PM
Hi Shorrocks,
If you would share, I would love to hear what's happened since you posted. I'm learning about this illness and other similar illnesses and I'm wondering if you ever made it to a diagnosis? If you are more comfortable, PM me.

Thank you - and I hope you're well.