View Full Version : Bad experience with false Lyme Diagnosis

02-11-2015, 08:01 PM
I am lucky I guess. My wife wanted me to go to her naturalpath and I did, mainly for her and not me. I didn't say anything, waiting to see what she said. She was honest and said there was nothing she could do to cure it or extend my life. She said that she could only hope that how she treated me would improve my quality of life. It has in that I allowed my wife to feel like she is doing something for me. I also think she has helped me with my eating habits, but focusing on very small changes that both haven't been hard AND allows my wife to feel better.

I know this isn't what the OP wants but there are good ones out there. I know about the lyme disease thing as my wife saw an alternative practitioner (she was a certified nurse practitioner also) and was diagnosed with lyme disease when she, in fact, didn't have lyme, but CFS and fibromyalgia. She spent a ton of $ and time there. The practitioner was even written up in the paper (AZ Republic) for her malpractice (bunches & bunches of people had the same problem - lyme disease). Sadly, she is still in practice.