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It turns out that it isn't lyme...
Zinc also gets rid of heavy metals which are a huge co-factor when it comes to Lyme although it's important to be cautious taking Zinc because it can make you feel worse from the mobilized metals being pushed out and can be brutal to have to deal with. My other recommendation would be to purchase EMF-blocking clothing because EMFs make Lyme symptoms worse and often are responsible for the illness overall.
A really important thing that you can do to heal from your illness over time regardless of what's causing it is by drinking celery juice everyday. It addresses and fixes all of the different things that cause health problems and is a really potent treatment to do to truly make progress.
I wish I had more things to recommend for your illness but it often seems that there aren't enough things that exist to remediate chronic cases of debilitating symptoms. Sorry for having to post several different comments, the site wouldn't let me post all in one. I will try to remember to follow up if you respond to this comment and I wish you the best of luck.
Dr.Luis F Garcia has trained in Biomagnetism and Bioenergy work with Dr. Izaac Goiz Duran.Today his main focus is Lyme disease and its associated co-infections. Dr. Garcia has been able to combine his Medical knowledge and extensive research experience with his Biomagnetism and Bioenergy work to discover new Biomagnetism pairs associated with Lyme disease and its co-infections.
Hi David. I was diagnosed with Lyme although the IgM and IgG were negative. I’m interested in that test you mention on your page. I’m pretty acute right now so would love verification that this is right treatment for all these crazy symptoms
Thank you,
Hi all my name is richard.I am 67 and have been battling these nightmare for at least three years that i know of. This is a nightmare. Been through the ivs twice now still horrible. They said its in my mind now lol. Working with and herbologist she is great . I am still in bad shape but she doesnt sugar coat it, it is a marathon not a sprint.
Good morning after two years I was just diagnosed with Lyme disease. I've seen numerous doctors prior to this.
I was recently cured using herbs and oil from Dr sale bashiru but people are on the opinion that it will come back after a remission period but I'm about two years pain and symptoms free. what is your insight?
I have read a lot about using combination antibiotics to kill Lymes bacteria in lab condition.
Has it been tried on patients, if so with what results?
Yes I have used a couple different combinations. Unfortunately, neither has worked for me yet. I used clarithromycin with hydroxy and also amoxicillin with probenecid.
Hi, I have noticed that you live in Australia, I live in Victoria and wondering how you are travelling with the illness and do you have adiquate medical care. I am now in my 10 th year and now have many ailment left after long term late Lyme
not lyme
I'm in Melbourne. Would love a meet up group
Hey, just trying to see if my boy has Lyme...we’re in Massachusetts by the Quabbin Reservoir with no shortage of ticks!! I really found out a lot about this disease and it’s no joke!! Hang in there, and if anyone could give me a lil 411 on my sons leg it’d be great!
Surviving Lyme diease..
Thumper Healing
You are not alone and you will survive. It is along and difficult road but do not give up!!! I wanted to so many times... But I didn't and now I am 85% healed. Let me know if you want to talk.