Was bitten by a tick, ER doctor refused to send me to the Infecciology Department

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In the beginning of May this year, I noticed a tick attached to my belly. I removed it and, if I'm correct about when and where I think it got there, it was there for more than a week without me noticing it. I dind't think about it any further after removing it.

I didn't have a rash, at least that I noticed.

About a month later, I started to have severe muscle twitching on the left side of my face, and attributed it to being tired. It has now almost completely disappeared, at least on the face, although I still have some lighter twitching on other parts of the body (mainly my rib cage). At that time I still didn't think it could be related to the tick bite.

Some three weeks ago I started to feel tired, and it has only become worse since then; I now get easily tired doing things that I did easily before. And I mean really tired.

So, yesterday I went to the ER at the hospital of the region where I live and told the doctor everything I just told you now. He said I didn't have any symptom of spotted fever, to which I replied "I didn't even mention that disease. I'm worried about Lyme", but he didn't seem to know what it was. He ordered some blood and urine analysis and when the results came back he said everything was ok, and that I probably only had anxiety, and he wanted to get me some anxiolytic pills (which I refused). I insisted for him to send me to the Infection Department but he refused (you can only go there with a doctor's referral - I'm in Portugal, by the way).

He told me to go to my GP with the blood and urine results if I wanted to be sent elsewhere (which is what I'm going to do tomorrow).

Well, that's my story for now. Thanks for reading. :) I'll keep you updated!
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