Seeking help for my brother located in France (paralysis)


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My name is Aurelie, I am reaching out to you on behalf of my brother who does not speak English and lives abroad (France). My brother, 40 yo, father of 2 little girls, started feeling paralysis symptoms first in his hands/arms and legs about 2 years ago, which symptoms have worsened over time and he is now in a situation where he can no longer walk or use his hands (very handicapped).

He has seen many doctors in France, most of them do not know anything nor believe it could be Lyme (they are very uneducated about Lyme in France, in general). He was eventually diagnosed with ALS by process of elimination (believe me they did not look very far), but my brother and our family refused to accept this diagnosis as we are convinced this is NOT what he has.

One day, my family saw a documentary on TV about Lyme disease and realized that the symptoms my brother was feeling/having were very similar to what was discussed in the documentary. They decided to reach out to the association that was mentioned in the show, which led them to a doctor that is specialized in Lyme disease, in France. They did a lot of tests and this doctor is convinced he was actually infected with the bacteria (babesia) therefore he started a series of antibiotic treatments among other treatments, hoping it would save him. While his situation was stabilizing at first for months, it has been getting worse the past few weeks and I'm afraid this doctor is unsure what next steps to take.

This is the reason why I am reaching out to you, as I know studies & research is a lot more advanced in the United States, and we are seeking for help. No one seems to be able to help us in France and there is no way I can let his situation get worse. He is so young and is so full of life, I need to find a way to save him.

I am myself a resident of Florida (Miami) and would really like advice. I am available by phone 786-262-8133 and can meet anyone to discuss his situation (my brother cannot travel now but can connect on skype or by phone as needed - I can be his translator)

Aurelie Martin

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