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Hi..I am julie, my husband has been diagnosed with lyme in september. Dr wasn't going to even test him for it. He had to insist.
tests came back positive. she gave him 21 days of doxy and he felt much better. Well last week, he started getting symptoms again. The dr
that originally saw him won't see him. So called our primary she wanted to have the complete lyme work up done again. IN the mean time he
is getting worse and worse. Infectious disease can't see him until the end of January 2022. At this point i am livid. so we went to the ER. What a joke
the er dr wouldn't believe him, he told me that his lyme was cured. what an idiot, what kind of medical school did he go to. So, now that i have that off my chest,
is there anything i can do for him until we get him some help. thanks for reading....Julie

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