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I just started a new treatment that is flaring my symptoms. I have fine days and awful days. My doctor says going on medical leave well help my healing process move more quickly but that it's not an absolute requirement. I'm sure my office will be supportive but I'm worried about missing out on opportunities that come up while I'm out of the office. Has anyone here gone on medical leave? Was it worth it despite the potential slowdown in your career?


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Hey Stacy,

I was diagnosed in the middle of a university school year. I started a full treatment regime immediately while still trying to succeed in a full course load. I did it, but I wish I hadn't. I think my recovery would have been much faster if I'd taken time to focus solely on my health. One of the things with lyme is that the end-toxins produced when the bacteria die make all your symptoms MUCH worse (herxheimer reaction). If I were you, I'd take 4 weeks, do a hearty treatment and feel like crap, then go back to work on a slow and steady type plan. This is a marathon, not a race!

Best of luck! also, try looking into IV vitamin C. It's a natural immune booster and detoxify-er used commonly in patients with cancer to clear chemo toxins. It's also good for lyme -- I find it especially effective for brain fog when combined with a glutathione injection.

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Is there any possibility of seeing this as its own opportunity to go within? I'm already on a disability pension, and live in Australia. I can't imagine having to work, and having no possibility of a diagnosis or it being seen as a disability.

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