Lyme disease from blood of deer


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I am wondering whether it is possible to develop Lyme disease from getting a cut to a finger with a knife that had blood from a deer on it?

Long story but the above situation occurred last December while I was working on cutting raw deer meat and over the last 6 months or so I have developed various neurological issues, including, muscle spasms/twitching, muscle cramping, hand/arm tremors, eye irritation and blurriness, general fatigue at times, and shoulder pain?

Iv'e been tested for Lyme disease 3 times now, and all 3 tests have come back negative. 2 of the tests were the ELISA test, and the 3rd test was the Western Blot. It seems unlikely it could still be Lyme, but I thought I would pose the question above.


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Hello ! I am a newbie here . I was about to post a question myself but read yours first .
I just wished to tell you that I read an article here in central New York recently about a threat of Chronic Wasting Disease spreading again among deer . It might be another thing to look at . However I have read that some people with Lymes never test positive! What a nightmare . Best to you !