Is there a connection between Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme?

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Hi everyone.
I am a 32 yr old female diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for about 10 years now. Just wondering if there is any connection between MS and Lyme? I am very naive to anything about lyme but had vaguely come across some connection between the two. Is lyme also progressive? I just don't want to live with MS anymore, but I know there's no choice. But hypothetically, if one was given a choice between MS and Lyme, would lyme be easier to handle?(I know that's a wierd question). I was diagnosed by the same medical practitioner only twice or thrice in 10 years. Should I go for diagnosis again?


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Hi there! From what I've read MS and Lyme's symptoms are very similar, but the origins are different. As far as I know you can get a MS diagnoses easily with a MRI, but with Lyme it's so complicated... there are blood tests for it, but they rarely show up positive. So it's very tricky. But if I had the choice between MS and Lyme I'd pick Lyme disease over MS... Because as far as I know MS is progressive, you can go into remission... but after a while it might progress steadily. I'm not saying Lyme disease is a walk in the park, but MS scares me more (I know someone who has it).

And yes, you need a second opinion if you suspect that your first diagnosis isn't right. You should always do that, for for a third or fourth one if necessary. Best of luck with everything and please keep us posted!
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