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Hello. I was bitten about 6 weeks ago on my lower leg/ankle, which had a bite mark and some swelling. I did not see a tick, I also did not have a bullseye rash. I was walking my dog in woodlands.

I felt pretty shocking over the last few weeks. First suspicions from GP was a viral infection, but as the weeks went on I felt dreadful. I purchased a home finger prick blot test which was positive for the antibodies. Using this I returned to my GP, I am now waiting for nhs blood test result. Reluctantly my GP prescribed antibiotics doxycycline (200mg x2 per day, 3x weeks). He questioned the accuracy of the home test, but without me doing that test, I feel medica would only be checking for something else/unrelated....basically wasting valuable time. I insisted I needed medication for lymes.

I can only describe my symptons like I've been poisoned, I.feel sick with chronic migraines, my temperature rises to 38.7 and the pressure inside my head is intense, night sweats, and major fatigue. I have lost weight. The antibiotics are starting to reduce the symptoms, I guess I need to give them more time,.it has only been a few days.

Has anyone got any advice please.. on how to reduce or manage the migraines? I am taking the usual painkillers.

Should I be taking anything else to help recovery / reduce impact of infection ?

Anything else I need to be aware of or consider.. I've read about potential co-infections, .and Next steps to consider once my first course of antibiotics finishes.

Basically any advice or guidance is welcome.

Thank you 🙏

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