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I'm new to this site, just wanted to reach out and try to ease my worries and learn all I can about Lymes from real people who have it. Not just reading Google search results. I'll try and make this as short and to the point as I can, but sometimes I type like I talk. Lol so, forgive me ahead of time. I'm currently in limbo as far as being diagnosed and any possible treatments. I'm seeing my Dr this coming tues for tests and see where we go from here. I'm so frustrated and tired of being tired. So, about 10 mths ago, I was bit by something, but i didnt know what. All i noticed at the time was a red spot like a pimple on my thigh that was kinda sore,nothing major,just annoying. Then, over the next week it started to spread out into this rash...the bite dot in the center and a clear/whitish circle around that and a red oval around that but also blotchy redness around it all. It didnt really itch, but it was warm to touch and then began to leak clear fluid in the whole area. No odor. Just kinda really irritated skin. Because of where it was located, my clothes would rub it raw at times and caused the area to be sore. Anyhow, the rash took between 5-6wks to totally disappear. Not long after that, I remember feeling like I had the flu, I was beyond tired and achy all over. I had these headaches come and go that nothing helped. Just an overall blah feeling. I knew I should of gone to the Dr when I had the bullseye rash,but I didnt. I know, dumb move. But at the time, I was working for a family caring for a lady with alzheimers 4days/nites a wk, 2 kids,holidays coming. Had alot going on and when the flu like symptoms started,it was fall and I'd been so busy, I chalked it up to being run down. Well, since then off and on I get this brain fog, words are there but wont come out, I cant remember or concentrate at times, I'll stop mid sentence and have no ide what I was talking about,I get these banging headaches, dizziness, and insomnia,yet I'm beyond tired all the time. There are days I cant even force myself to get up and even shower and do anything. I've never felt anything like it. Seems to get worse with stress, with this covid stuff and kids being homeschooled for a few mths, husband hours cut,and to top it off, my father in law and grandma both passed away last month. Things have kinda kicked up since then and the mind fog is worse,fatigue is constant, neck hurts, knees hurt, ankles hurt,esp the right one where it's got arthritis from being broken years ago,and just walking up the stairs feels like I'm walking in mud and legs weigh a ton, I get completely wiped out with the littlest of tasks. I felt so bad last wk, I went to the ER. That was useless. Dr wouldnt even look at my pics of the rash,let alone let me ramble off all these weird things I've been feeling. She did nothing but run urine and blood tox screen, which was negative. Didnt address my concerns about the possibility of lymes. And didnt order the test with all the other blood work. So, I'm seeing my dr tues and I'm praying I get some kind of answer because I feel like im losing my mind. At same time, I'm almost embarrassed to go there and rattle off this long list of complaints and sound like I'm hypochondriac!! I keep 2nd guessing myself that maybe this is all in my head and I should just try and ignore it. But, I can't. I dont feel bad all the time, just comes and goes. I'll attach a pic of the rash. I dont know what to do. Whether to even bother the dr cuz I'm just overreacting or it's not in my head and I need seen and checked for lymes. Hopefully my dr is understanding and listens to me. Ok,if u read this far, dont say I didnt warn ya. Lol I didnt want it to be that long. I'll post what the dr says on tues. I just need to feel like I'm not crazy or imagining all this stuff. Its maddening!!!! I attached a few diff pics taken at diff times thru the weeks. Maybe I am worrying too much. Idk. Just feels better to just get this out somewhere. Thanks for reading!!


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