Dormant Lyme disease

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When I was 8-10 years old, I was bitten by 3 ticks, all at different times different locations. Nothing immediately happened. I don’t think Lyme disease was as known then as it is now. I’m 41, and experiencing a lot of symptoms connecting me to Lyme disease. I do have Hashimoto’s disease and thought at first my symptoms were related to it. I’ve always been easily able to manage with adjustments in my medications. Lately, nothing is helping. All of my test results come back normal, so I know I must be dealing with something else.

I’ve been reading that Lyme disease can lie dormant for years until triggered. I’m experiencing significant exhaustion/ fatigue, memory loss (brain fog is at an all time high!), depression is up, sleep is not happening even with sleep aids/medication.

Anybody else had symptoms manifest many years later? What steps did you take to get diagnosed correctly? And what was your treatment?


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Former nurse and Lyme sufferer. My name is bret peirce. Lyme doesn't really lay dormant but it can remain sub clinical. The best way to see Lyme is through dark field microscopy. Western Blot is helpful but CDC frowns upon most results and requires so many antibodies that accurate diagnosis per their criteria is 60 per cent inaccurate. Also, people are being cured of this disease with a simple and single supplement. Copper 1, or ionized copper. If you have symptoms you can ask for free bottle at: [email protected] I hope you don't have Lyme but now the prognosis is very good. Other persons using this supplement can be found on facebook: bioavailable copper group. Best of luck.... I thought I would never walk again.



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** Be very careful with claims made above, this sounds like all the making of a scam **
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