Does this sound like your symptoms?


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I've never been diagnosed or had a blood test for lyme. I've been bitten by ticks many times since I was a kid, currently 34. The most recent I recall was about 10 years ago. I found the tick firmly attached to my leg.

I had nothing good to use but tried to heat a thumbtack and touch it. Nothing worked. I finally dug it out with a small finishing nail.

Fast forward to the last few years starting about 4 or 5 years ago... I had hurt my back nothing crazy, but around that time I noticed a buzzing in my feet like a cell phone. Never at the same time always alternating.

In the last 3 years have had all kinds of crazy symptoms come and go. Have been pretty sedentary except for brief times of trying to get in shape.

Fast forward to christmas and I had the flu type A. It was brutal unlike any sickness I've ever had. So about a week or 2 after getting the flu I have this burning sensation in my hands and my feet. Pretty much just the palms and the soles. Almost like you slapped your hands against a wall and that initial sting/burn feeling.

I've had no energy for probably the last 10 years although I must admit I am on my phone until late every night and eat unhealthy etc.

Now the one crazy symptom I'm curious about... in the past few years maybe when I get sick or change my diet or just out of the blue the original tick bite itches for a day or 2 it seems like. And I know it's the same spot as I scared it up lol trying to dig the tick out.

Non diabetic although I did try keto last year and it dehydrated me so bad my FBS was .1 over normal at 5.8

A year agoI had just normal blood test done and dr said all looked good.

I'm going to a dr Tomorrow to get blood test done should I push for a lyme test?

Thanks for any advice! As this burning hands and feet is driving me crazy!


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Of all of your symptoms, the only one that I can relate to, is the tick site itching, long after removing the tick. However, my sites (I was bitten twice) itched for weeks, not years.

I have to first say that, I haven't tested positive for Lyme disease. However, I'm aware that the Lyme tests, which I have taken, are highly inaccurate, and are notorious for resulting in false negatives.

You mention that you're thinking of getting tested for Lyme. Probably not too bad of an idea. Just know that, if it's the most common test (ELISA and Western Blot), a negative result almost means nothing. You don't have to do too much research before finding that these tests are highly inaccurate.

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