chronic neuro lyme


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Hi all my name is richard. I first started getting treatment about 3 years ago after the bullseye on my back. Was treated with the doxy and they said i was good lol. Went ok for about a month than the symptoms started again mild at first. I was a smoker back than not heavy but smoker none the less. Felt like crap for two winters. They kept doing test and everything was fine again lol. I was diagnosed with a super bug about three years ago called klebsiella cre the latest superbug. Was quarentined for a week with ivs. Than had about a month more every day iv type antibiotics. By the way i was taking oral antibiotics for three months before this came to a feverish halt. So needless to say my immune system was shot. I eat very healthy but the damage is done. In august of 2019 i lost my wife of 31 years to severe pneumonia. That just threw me into this horrible rut. Was fighting it but it took over. Saw a neurologist that ran mri's eeg's on the brain spinal taps and more. Said i have nothing showing up lol. Sent me to dr. tack in charge of the cdc here. Said same thing and i only showed 2 strands oy lyme not the required three or more but started me on the iv,s for 30 days anyway because i showed all the signs of neuro lyme. After the month i still felt like crap. he said it will take a year to recover at least and not much more to do because more than 30 of drugs is a waste. id like to waste them. Said my herxing and pain is more a case of internet fodder. Where do they come up with these people. Seeing an herbologist now. Still feeling like crap but she says thats how it is with lyme and its a marathon not a sprint. So if anyone else is doing the herbology way please let me know how its going. The brain fog is very disabling.

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