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Ok well lets ignore the fact that from what I read, Australia doesnt have lime disease.

I am in a tick infested area, The dogs are on tick tablets, I have pulled two off me that didnt bite me as far as I know.

Now the dogs get on my bed, my theory is that ticks have been jumping off the dogs and waiting for me to get into bed, here is why I think this is so.

last November, three times I woke up and I felt an itch on my inner bicep.
There was a small slightly rasied red dot, like a mozzie bite, then there was a red ring about 4 inches wide, that got redder and became wider during the day before fading over a few days. Three times this happened over a month.

IN between, I started waking up with a swollen bottom lip, another time my eye was swollen shut. Im thinking lymph system here. Kinda a histimine reaction thingy.

Then I started getting these odd rashes. Aches pains all the signs, I got about 12 on a list of 15 I found.

The last few days Ive been stumbling, actually tripping, hurt my back again. Then upset guts, aches pains sweats, and this morning a great big rash on my back same type I was getting on my guts.

Very hot, sore to touch, I know whats its not, its no usual rash.

I am wondering, given the timing, the actual ticks, the dogs, the three strange rings, do I have Lyme disease IYHO.

Its just all fallen into place for it to be that. I showed the locals my rings and none had ever been bitten by a tick or seen the ring rash before.

Ive bug bombed the house several times, bought all new bedding etc.

I am going to ask for a blood test tomorrow. We are looking at about a 11/12 month period where this evil ting has been in me.

Id like to hear your thoughts, thanks