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    In short Lyme has ruined my life.

    I had Lyme for a suspected 18+ months at the time of my diagnosis. I was able to get a test by a local doctor who was brand new to the area. She was appalled that other physicians refused to test me for the disease. My body is so damaged at this point that I might as well die. Lyme or the result...
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    In short Lyme has ruined my life.

    Thought I would post this as a topic for others to read and perhaps get some assurance that they are not alone in their suffering with Lyme. Unfortunately as so many of us know Lyme disease is treated by many medical professionals as a fake disease. Well I for one disagree with this on just...
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    Lyme disease and Covid19

    When I first contracted COVID-19 I was recently infected with Lyme. To be honest it nearly killed me. I went through months of therapy just to be able to function at 50% of my previous level. I couldn't walk for several months, in addition I had several neurological problems and amazing bouts...