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Default Do I have Lyme? Need your help :(

About 2 years ago I suddenly felt stranger, like I was living in a dream, nothing feels the same or looks the same. I found out this was called Depersonalization and it comes from anxeity. Although I suffered a few panic attacks and got over it quickly, it still stuck with me.

My symptoms are listed in the image below.

Although I ignored most of the symptoms, I figured it's time to finally determine the cause. Im a teenager and I can't tell anyone because they say it's all in my head or just lack of vitamins, but no one understands me. I finally convinced my mom to take me to a doctor. How should I proceed in talking to the doctor about lyme? I want them to know it might be Lyme. The 2 years of me suffering seems like a blur. Everyone thinks I have a mental problem because Im telling them all of this. I wanna go out and live my life because Im really young, but I can't. I can't enjoy love, I can't enjoy being happy or laughing. I really thank you guys for replies.
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