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Default Not sure what to do, and I'd prefer not to go into doctor's office

I wrote in a couple months ago but need some advice. I frequently get ticks at my in-law's place in Maud, OK, and a few months ago I had well over a couple dozen I had to remove over a few week period. I sweat profusely, so jeans and shirts will have water dripping off before too long, and I suppose I wash off the bug spray. I went through a period of not feeling well shortly after that - fatigue and more fatigue, sensation of small ants crawling over me, severe headaches, achiness, but no bulls eye rash - I did have a rash 2-3" in diameter that was solid.

I went to one doctor, and she gave me 2x100 mg of doxy per day for 10 days. After a week and feeling no different, I found this forum and was told the dosage is typically 2x200 mg per day. The first doc wouldn't change the script, so I saw another one who treats missionaries who travel to other countries. He said that 2x200 mg was a better dosage, so he prescribed that for 30 days. For the most part I felt better, but the feeling of ants crawling on me never completely went away. I may not notice the crawling for a few days, and when I did it was generally not very significant. Last weekend, I worked outside in the heat (temp was around 95 degrees), and I could only work 10 minutes and then had to rest for 15-20 minutes! I've never had this problem. I'm 54, male, and I've noticed I've been slowing down, but not that much. I shocked and very concerned. I've not worked outside much this summer, mostly because I can't tolerate the sun very well now.

Last night, I woke up several times because the feeling of bugs crawling on me was enough to wake me - serious sensations, multiple times. Nothing was touching my skin. After thinking back about my tick history (and I've been pulling them off for years), I started wondering if I contracted Lyme months before I originally thought. Last Thanksgiving, I was in bed for almost 3 weeks (or wanted to be - I'm self employed, so if I don't work, I don't make any money - had to suck it up). If I got up, I'd feel like passing out. I thought it strange at the time no one in my family got sick (we have 5 kids, so 6 other people). I had the worst flu-like symptoms ever in my life. Could that have been from Lyme?

I'd like to get tested, but my insurance sucks. It costs me almost $300 to just see the doctor, and that was to get a script. I've tried to see one of the on-line docs, but that didn't work well. I keep reading how the tests are inaccurate & expensive. I'm not sure what to do. I was told I'd probably have better luck in Dallas. Any suggestions?

Thanks a million.
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