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Default You must get tested to rule out Lyme Disease

Originally Posted by stymied View Post
I have also been waking up with weird feelings in my hands. Sometimes, its the rights, sometimes the left, sometimes both. It's not the "falling asleep" feeling. It's like that in feeling but I can move the fingers. It fades in a matter of seconds. That has been happening for the last month or so. It never happened before.
Hello, You sound like me,But I have had about 10 times the amount of symptoms. The first thing you should do in any case where doctors are not sure is find a much smarter doctor and one who is very open minded. second, you must get tested for lyme disease. skip the standard blood test its mostly rubish. As most good doc's know this. get both the ELISA and the WESTERN BLOT. learn how to read them yourself. or get a really smart doc to read the test results. Get checked for B12 deficiency and magnesium. Again do not go by any standard garbage tests. Same goes for IODINE. hypothyroid type 2. Again you need a more detailed test and a smarter doctor. Then get a urine and hair analysis for heavy metal toxicity. Again don't get standard garbage tests. Find a smart doctor. Its NOT all in your head. Kick any doctor to the curb if they have an attitude! They are just people with certificates on there wall and usually only know what they where told. Then you need to look at your teeth. You may have root canals, fillings and bad teeth that harbor spirochete and other bacteria plus mercury wich eventually catches up to you in older age and colonates to other places of the body like your nervous system and brain. Don't worry, This can all be healed, but you have a mountain of research to do if you want to find out. Good Luck. They will all try to tell you that ALS and every other illness is incurable...... LOL These diseases suck! But they ARE curable
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