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Question re: 33 female, witH lyme disease

Hi, I am new to this forum and would like someone's opinion on what is wrong with me since doctor's can't figure it out. 1st symptoms were very stiff neck and lower right back pain. When bending over I got very lightheaded. Soon after my elbows got really sore and knees would buckle every so often. I started getting night sweats, frequent urination, and stubbing my right foot into the ground. Both feet became cold and tingly a lot. This all happened over 2 years ago. I had an episode of a year ago where I started sweating while at rest and burning in my lower spine. I get eye pain off and on, and in the last 3 months have some bad muscle wasting in both arms and legs, with lots of twitching and cramping. Tongue has a white-yellow coating on it. The last neurologist I saw said I don't have any symptoms of a neurological disease even though he didn't even examine me. I have been tested for just about everything including lyme disease and everything is negative. The only abnormalities I have is a slight rise in my IGM and borderline low red blood cells. My scariest symptom has been lots of tingling in the back of my head especially when I urinate. When I tell doctor's that they look at me like I am crazy. All the web surfing I have done I cannot find any disease that has head tingling as a symptom. I am sure I am missing some symptoms but was hoping someone could help me with some information. thanks, whitey
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