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Hello all,

I think I might have lyme disease, and am terrified. I am a 25 y/o girl living in Canada (quebec). All my life, i had to deal with anxiety and especially health anxiety. And chronic fatigue / lethargy.

I am asking your help to determine what concerns I have are valid and not just created by anxiety. Please note, that i had bariatric surgery 4 years ago and lost 130 lbs… which has a huge impact on a body.

It all started 1 year ago when i was in my last year of law school. I started getting confused/disoriented. Memory loss, trouble saying what I wanted to say. Trouble concentrating. I started to suspect I had a neurological disorder, so i went for blood tests, 2 MRI, a eeg and a neurological assessment (neuropsy test by a professional). ALL came back normal. I was referred to an endocrinologist and a pneumologist because they tought i maybe had sleep apnea. It was inconclusive (I even slept with a CPAP for 8 months without any changes in my sleep quality). Pneumologist tested for lyme but it was negative.

Then, last summer, with all of this going on, i had to stop working at a big law firm, because i was too tired and confused/disoriented (i starting getting lost in the office…) I felt like i had alzheimer…at 25.

Fast forward one year, I just passed the bar. It was super hard with all my symptoms, but still did it. And now i started working again and I feel like my symptoms are worse/coming back.

My symptoms are:
- Havent had my period for 100 days now (didn’t have my period for 1 year) - maybe due to stress/weight loss.
- Extreme confusion/disorientation
- fatigue/lethargy.
- I am always cold.
- Muscle weakness, weird muscle feeling, they feel ‘’heavy’’ and contracted.
- no energy
- wake up tired and it’s really hard to get out of bed.
- unable to concentrate.
- Poor blood circulation / tingling feeling in lower extremities.
- Hypoglycemia
- I sometimes wake up and my face is puffy / puffy eyelids.
- trouble spelling, change in vocabulary etc. EX: i want to say table, i say chair.

Horowitz test: 104.

I also think I my have hypothyroidism, because the symptoms seem to be the same.

I just feel like something is wrong, but unsure if its ‘’just’’ anxiety creating all of this.

I dont have an actual part of my body that ‘’hurts’’, no joint pain etc. I just have a hard time explaining my symptoms. And no doctor can help (and i can understand because of my anxiety and all the tests that came back negative). My doctors are actually amazing, but there is so much they can do. My psychiatrist says it’s hypochondria and it might just be. But there is a little voice in my head saying that its not normal to be so tired and have so many ‘’neurological’’ issues at my age.

What would you do? I know Lyme is super hard to diagnose. I also know that I have a past that makes it EVEN HARDER in my case because it could be something else (this could all be due to my weight loss surgery/anxiety).

I never had any tick or rash. Never actually been in a forest or anywhere that has ticks. The only thing i can think of is I passed 6 months in Europe while studying and maybe while I was travelling, I could have been to a place where ticks are present. But then again, unsure.

Thanks a lot.

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