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Interest: I have been diagnosed with a Tick-borne disease.
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Default How long before symptoms appear?

Questions about my time line.

5/8/16: went hiking in tick country, Sonoma County, CA. I did not see a tick nor was I aware of being bitten.

7/4/16: onset of shingles on my forehead and eye. Lesions healed in 2 weeks with Famvir but extreme pain continued well into September. I had a day or 2 of extreme fatigue just before shingles became apparent. While walking on 7/1/16, I became very fatigued quickly, my quads felt a strange pain/weakness sensation that is hard to describe. It felt like I was walking g in deep sand with ankle weights. That's the best I can describe it. Didn't feel that again for the next 2 months, nor did I have any fatigue during that time.

7/24-7/30/16: RV camping and hiking near Oregon dunes, also Lyme country. Again, I neither saw nor felt any ticks.

9/1/16: out walking around town I experienced that same heavy leg sensation and overall fatigue as I did before shingles onset in July.

9/5-9/15/16: intermittent but worsening fatigue episodes but no leg pain.

9/16/16: meltdown. Had to leave work due to profound fatigue and exertion intolerance. I've been off work since on disability leave.

9/20-12/20/16: numerous visits to pcp, CT scan of torso, repeated cbc, metabolic panels, ANA, CRP, sed rate, all totally normal. My acupuncturist ordered an epstein-barr test which seemed to indicate re-activation, but those #s are gradually lowering. I convinced my pcp to order Bb rests through labcorp and quest which came out negative.

1/3/17: I saw a ND who saw my s/s and recommended igenex tests. I got the Lyme and coinfection panels done and just got back the results.

here's the igenex results :

Lyme Bb Igm bands 31 and 41 positive,* 23-25 indeterminate. "negative by cdc criteria, indeterminate by igx criteria."

Lyme Bb igg band 41 positive.
" negative by cdc and igx criteria."

Babesiosis duncani
FISH whole blood is* positive
Igm 80, (negative < 20)
Igg <40 (negative <40)
Dx: positive for babesia

Bartonellosis b henslae
Igm 80 (negative <40)
Igg 40 (negative <40)
Dx: positive for Bartonella

So my questions are:
1. Can I have bab and Bart without borrelia burgdorferi?
2. Is it likely or possible I was initially infected in May? Doc thinks I got bit on the July camping trip.

The ND started me on doxycycline, a-bab, and artesiminin (worm wood) last week. I'm not sure the a-bab and artemesinin are sufficient to eliminate that babesia when the common rx seems to be malarone and azith.

Thanks for reading the long post and your thoughtful replies.
Best Regards,
61 y/o male
Sonoma County,* CA
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